I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in Austria.
I also enjoy taking photos.

ugly beauty 6

ugly beauty 5

ugly beauty 4

guy with glasses

ugly beauty 3

ugly beauty 2

Ugly Beauty

- rly dont know where Im going atm

omg she is perfect! 

this is like a 10 minute sketch thing but i rly like it!

One of the loveliest creature on earth;
Gizmo the shizzle bizzle <3

222 days without a cigarette. I never thought that this could be possible! 

the good life

请 - Please

something completely different! also new sign im trying out..still dont know where this is going..


"Eagle" by David Osorio (IG: dogstattoo), Bergenfield, NJ.

Original art by Daniel Hannih (DA: danielhannih)

-Roman (@spanishforeagle on IG, Tumblr)

Someone got my eagle from DeviantArt tattooed. This is like really cool :)

The Bride

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce